Wednesday, 23 April 2014

We finally decided to have a wife threesome

We had finally decided to have a wife threesome. The plan was quite hot as I never shared my wife. My wife, me and a friend from other city were threesome partners. My hot wife and I had agreed that it would be just a threesome sex. No romance , kissing and anything etc. We discussed a lot about two men pleasuring her together so as to build up her slutty mind. Actually, I wanted to see her enjoy sex with someone else. We planned being there no more than one hour,just one time no strings attached.


My friend arrived on Saturday night. At first she was shy so we just sat and talked for a while. To keep things going, I left the room for about 5 minutes to feed our dogs.when I returned her mouth was in his crotch and he was fondling her breasts. It was complete silence in the room. I was fully erect within a few seconds. The arousal reached the extreme when I saw her sucking his nice cock.


Guys I Fingered My Wife
I tried a lot but couldn't control myself waiting. I got in and started fingering her while she was sucking him nicely.




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