Friday, 18 April 2014

He Erotically Massaged My Wife Reena

It is a real experience of my life. Finally, I managed to get my wife on massage. Initially, she was a bit reluctant to act like a hot wife but later as things went on, she got aroused. After fantasizing a lot and discussing those things, we have decided to do something spicy for our married life.We were both very excited but a little nervous. It was our first experience to get involved in an almost a complete wife sharing night but she managed it with complete lust and pleasure. See below how things went on.

Wife Massage Session
He asked my wife to lie on the bed and remove her clothes to a comfortable level. My wife took off her dress and lied on her front with her bra on.He taken my permission to remove his cloths except for his underwear to perform comfortably and not to get lubricant stains on his cloths. I said yes and he undressed until he was left only with his tight underwear. I could see a large bulge of his manhood(though semi hard).

Removing her Bra for Massage
After he massaged her shoulders he again took permission to take off her bra to rub her back. I said it is all OK as far as this was an erotic massage.
He opened my wife's large bra and she helped and took the bra completely out. He massaged all her back and then her feet. Then he started to rub her large soft ass cheeks. It was all fun for me sitting and watching his moves.

Wife Exposed During Massage.
Then he asked my hot wife to turn around. This was a moment of the greatest excitement in my life as she was going to show her large boobs to a stranger. He immediately started with her breasts, oiling them and holding them from sides to bring both boobs toward her chest and letting them fall back again during the breast massage.
Wife's Pussy Massage
He finally approached her sex organs. He massaged my wife's pussy for a very long time and started fingering her pussy. Then wanted my permission to continue his massage with his tongue. I approved him and as he started to lick and rub her large soft boobs. It was all stunning so far. I could see a large tool, fully erect and looking to work in his underwear.

Massage Sex for My Wife
He asked me whether we need a final lubrication service he could give. I knew what he meant, and honestly, I had reached a point where I wanted to see that. I allowed him to share my wife to the full sex session.She sucked him nicely and then he started fucking my wife.



He took off his underwear, wore the condom on his manhood which was quite larger than mine, and banged my wife. Later, He done it together with me, looking at my wife and fingering her ass with his left hand. Then he came on her tits. I did the same of course.It was great and now we look forward for our next encounter to repeat this again.


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